Hey there 👋🏻

This is my second brain, where I jot down notes about things that I'm interested in.

We spend countless hours every year on reading, listening and watching informational content. We think about ideas and gather valuable knowledges all the time.

But they often go missing just when we need them. Our brain can only store so much at any given time. It is meant for having ideas, not storing them.

I have huge interest and obsessions over range of knowledges, ideas, entrepreneurship, behavioral science and so on. It's not easy to keep up with this wildy wandering brain of mine on day to day basis.

Building a second brain allows us to offload those ideas in a systematic way to preserve them. We can then free our biological brain to imagine, to create, and simple be in the present.

An external, centralized, digital repository like this will allow us to easily consolidate ideas, develop valuable bodies of work and actions that advances our goals.

It will also serve as an extension of our mind to amplify our efforts when we take on creative challenges.

Generally speaking, I use this space to capture thoughts I have. The notes here are mostly not complete. It's just a place to post what I like and allow myself to continue being active in writing.

All these thoughts has to go somewhere; instead of going missing.