About FlikTeoh


Hello, people call me FlikTeoh. I'm an entrepreneur, a marketer and a writer.

I write a lot around the webs. This place here is my personal website. Writing has been a fun habit for me so far and I usually do that when I'm not at work.

I also happen to have two degrees in Computer Engineering from two different institutions (which is not recognized in Malaysia due to my drop out from secondary education that requires me to have credits in Malay language).

Currently I'm working on my Diploma in Psychology and Business Management.

My Life Mission

I have started to realise the key meaning of giving.

In a society that we live in today, poverty has turned down so many children who are otherwise capable. By giving, we could help raise the new seeds of hope, and to reshape the future world; as a better place.

In every small steps of giving, we can all help make a different together. The important part is, we have to start doing that from ourself; and then influence others.

Therefore, I hope to contribute all I can. Financially and physically, I would support causes that focus in helping the children in need.

Until one day I'm fully capable, I would then pledge a 90% of all I have to contribute for the causes of helping children in need around the world.

I believe that, Giving, is not only about money; we could also give our helping hands. Giving, is about enriching others; and by enriching others only we can build a better world.

p/s: I'm also a very bold person with things I say, and I intend to stay that way.

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