High Performance Individual

Hey, I'm Flik Teoh

Welcome to my digital garden. (and also my Second Brain)

You'll find articles and records of the steps I've taken to reinvent myself from tiny habits and small wins, into a high performance individual.

You see...

I went into a downward emotional spiral after my relationship has taken a hit from the pandemic lockdown in 2020.

And I struggled with it for months until something striked me. The problem was me; I was being "too-invested" in the relationship.

I then rethink about life and purposes all over; and decided to make changes in mine. In the process, I enjoyed many small wins that I encountered.

From then on, I started designing my life around tiny habits and small wins with the vision to become a high performance person through accumulating tiny achievements.

Broken relationship is just one of the cue; whether you're men or women, along the path in life we all met with obstacles and falls. The most important thing is to be able to get back up, and you want to get back up.

So you're less likely to see me ranting about broken relationship here.

Instead, you'll find more about the steps I've taken to achieve my visions of being high performing individual. The values from my perspectives on many aspects of a high performance individual's life.

Here's a list of some superpowers you will have, being a high performance person:

  • Ability to change yourself and your mind
  • Not taking things personally
  • Careful selection of all relationships
  • Being alone without being lonely
  • Be comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • Being able to stay calm
  • Becoming healthier physically and mentally
  • Achieving more through small wins
  • Not needing to prove yourself right; because it is ok to be wrong

Digital Garden + Second Brain

This site is built on the concept of digital garden, along with my take on the "Second Brain" concept.

I find this combination the best way to represent a modern platform on the Internet today.

I'm just getting started, I plan on writing here often as part of the process to train myself into writing and creating more everyday.

As I slowly build up, you'll get lists of curated articles instead of posts organized in the traditional chronological blogs.

In the weeks to come, I will start defining the High Performance Individual behavior that I felt practical and I'm sticking with.

What's a digital garden

It is a metaphor for thinking about creating/writing that focuses more on the process, care and crafts instead of the resulting "showpiece". — Joel Hooks

In other words, the intention is to spend less time on polishing each pieces before publishing, ordering them chronologically through pagination that you see in traditional blogs.

But to create thoughtful pieces that can be applied to the context of our lives and careers.

What's Second Brain

I'll tell you more about my Second Brain after I've finalized my concept and takes on this approach.

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